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Here are 2 gifs of Mrs rubbing his cum all over her hole!!

Let me know what you think?

My prize!!

Here are a few pics of the prize that Mrs brought home to me a few nights ago. His cum is running down her fingers as she rubs her used hole.


limitbreak09 asked:

Cant wait for your updates :D



In that case, she has a date set up for tonight with a new suitor.


lookn4funswfl asked:

Love those multiple cock nights when my wife fucks a couple in the same day.


Doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s so freakin hot!! Once she starts she doesn’t want to stop!


Wow!! She ceases to amaze me!

Just got a call from her telling she fucked him again and just left his home.
But..(she paused and I heard a giggle) then told me she is not on her way home though. She is now on her way to meet one of her other FB. Then asked if it was ok with me??? *Like she needed to ask!!* I asked her how long ago he had asked her? ***Her answer should not have surprised me*** He didn’t call me, I texted him earlier.

Wow!!! What a night she is having!! Her appetite for cock is astounding!

Didn’t get a reply on the last text I sent 45min ago?!! Guessing he was game for another round!! I hope so!!

Mrs just sent me this text? Love how much she craves his cock!


lookn4funswfl asked:

will you get updates from her as the night goes on, or just have to wait till she gets home?


It depends in the situation.

If she is out for drinks with her vanilla friends and comes across someone she is interested in then she will send me updates on how the evening is progressing. If he doesn’t screw it up and she decides to go home with him she will let me know where she’s going and when she gets there. Then will not text me until she is on her way home.

In situations like tonight where she is going to meet someone she’s familiar with, then she’ll just let he know when she has arrived and when she’s on her way home.

She just walked out the door and is on her way! Hope she gets it nice and hard!