nibbyman asked:

How did she do? Fucked lots of cock I bet


Surprisingly and a lil disappointing for me she kept the the night out to the meet and greet pretty tame. It was a vanilla club they held the event at so I guess that had a lot to do with it. So she just met some new potential playmates and caught up with friends we haven’t seen in a while.


lookn4funswfl asked:

Be sure to let us know how she gets along with her FB and a room full of swingers. ;)


Definitely will!!

Mrs night out

And she’s off to the meet and greet!

Mrs night out!

Since I am unable to attend Mrs is meeting one of her FB tonight to attend a LS meet and greet event. Hope they are successful in their search!!


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limitbreak09 asked:

Hi, Just want to know what happen to you guys.. thanks..


I apologize for the inactivity over the last several weeks.  We have been really busy in other areas of our lives. (mainly work and family )  Thanks for asking.  But trust me!! As soon as we/she plays I will post an update.


As I’m sitting on the couch home alone I get this urge to have a man come over and fuck me. Yikes!! Where did this craving come from?? I suppose it stems from enjoying the submissive feeling I get when mrs is enjoying other cock and I’m waiting patiently for her to return home. But this kinda snuck up on me. I am not attracted to other men and not that I think it’s wrong to each his own, but the thought of kissing or cuddling with another man does absolutely nothing for me.

Is it the act of submission that turns me on?